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The origin of tennis

Tennis is a beautiful and fierce sport. The origin and development of tennis can be summed up in four sentences. It was bred in France and born in the United Kingdom. It began to spread and form a climax in the United States. It is now popular all over the world and is called the world. The second largest ball sport. This sport can be roughly divided into three stages of development: long ancient tennis, short modern tennis, and passionate modern tennis.

Ancient tennis

The origin of ancient tennis, according to general legends, evolved from the Irish palm-hit game as early as the tenth century. Another theory is that young French missionaries of the 12th and 13th centuries played the game of palm hitting on the four corridors of the church (JEU DE PAUME). This game is considered to be the pioneer of ancient indoor tennis (REAL TENNIS). Later they Put on gloves to hit the ball, and finally switch to a wooden racket to hit the ball.

When King Louis X of France reigned (1314-1316), ancient tennis appeared in the French court and was an indoor pastime in the court. In 1358-1360, this ancient tennis for the nobility was imported from France to Britain. British Amity III (1312-1377) became interested in tennis and ordered the construction of an indoor court in the palace.

At that time, the ball frightened the surface of the racket and modified it into sheepskin. The ball has a cloth or leather surface, and the inside is stuffed with hair and the like. The size and quality of the ball are not recorded. In the seventeenth century, the rope replaced the net and the racket was put on gut.

In Shakespeare's documents (1564-1616), it is recorded that the French Crown Prince sent tennis balls to Henry V of England (1387-1422). The 16th and 17th centuries were the prosperous period of French and English courts engaged in ancient tennis.

Modern tennis

In 1858, the first grass tennis court appeared in Birming Edmaston, England. The court was set up by T. H. Gum and J. B. Pereira. (Therefore, some people think that Gum and Pereira are the founders of modern tennis.)

In 1872, the Manochos Hotel in Lymington, England became the first lawn tennis club.

Modern tennis

Modern tennis originated in England. In 1873, the British major M who could play ancient tennis. Winfield, inspired by badminton, designed a tennis sport that is suitable for outdoor use and can be played by both men and women. It was called Sphailistike at the time. In 1875, as the sport became popular on the figure-of-eight courts, the All England Croquet Club set up a grass tennis court next to the croquet court. This became an important milestone in the history of tennis. It can also be said to be a modern tennis court. Kicked off. Immediately afterwards, the Maryborn Cricket Club, the authoritative organizer of ancient tennis, formulated a series of rules for the sport. Since then, lawn tennis has officially replaced Judicial Tektronix.

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