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Introduction to Tennis Museum

The Tennis Museum is located in the Tianlong Group Industrial Park Complex. Covering an area of 800 square meters, the hall is divided into three parts: the history of world tennis, the history of Chinese tennis, and the history of Tianlong tennis. Each part has its own theme and tells visitors the unique historical development process through words, pictures and objects.

Part 1: History of World Tennis

The history of world tennis tells about the origin of tennis, the evolution of the Irishman's palm hitting game in the tenth century to the Frenchman's wooden racket hitting in the twelfth century. Under the influence of human entertainment, the shape, color, and material of the tennis ball have also undergone tremendous changes. The official English word for tennis appeared in 1399. After hundreds of years of mankind’s fanatical pursuit of tennis, tennis has become the world’s second only sports competition to football. At the same time, countless outstanding tennis players have emerged, as well as the famous world tennis tournaments and the famous world nets. Stadium, famous world tennis manufacturer, famous world tennis brand.

Part 2: History of Chinese Tennis

China first had tennis sports and then tennis manufacturing. Western tennis was introduced to China around 1883 (during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty); at that time tennis was limited to missionaries and businessmen who came to China from the West, and later in higher education institutions in major cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin. Popularity. At the beginning of the Republic of China, there were Chinese tennis players participating in international competitions, but it was not until the latter period of the Republic of China that small proprietors in Shanghai, China produced tennis balls by hand, but the daily output was only a dozen. After the liberation, the state merged the small proprietors who produced tennis to form the "Tianfeng Badminton Factory" to produce badminton and tennis at designated locations. In 1956, it was renamed Shanghai Tennis Factory. In 1958, it produced China's first professional competition-level tennis, the "aviation" brand tennis; it ended the history of China's tennis game balls imported from abroad. Wenzhou Tennis Factory was established in 1988. This is the second tennis factory in China and a private enterprise. The tennis production technology, quality and quantity of tennis of this emerging tennis manufacturer have quickly caught up with Shanghai after only a few years of establishment. Tennis factory, and soon surpassed the Shanghai Tennis Factory. This situation continued until the beginning of the new century, when more than a dozen tennis production enterprises were established in coastal cities in China. The Wenzhou Tennis Factory has developed into the Tianlong Group at this time, and Tianlong tennis is the number one brand in the Chinese tennis industry. Chinese tennis has grown along with Chinese tennis, and with the rapid development of China's economy, Chinese tennis and tennis have flourished. Chinese tennis players have come forth in large numbers and continue to impact the world tennis arena. Similarly, Tianlong Tennis, the representative of Chinese tennis, has also made its debut in the world market.

Part 3: History of Denon Tennis

The predecessor of Tianlong Group was Wenzhou Tennis Factory. It was established in 1987. The founder Chen Kuihong started his business in 1975. He ran a craft ribbon factory and a plexiglass factory in the early days. In the autumn of 1986, he saw tennis at the Canton Fair and fell in love at first sight. And immediately recruited troops to prepare a tennis factory. At the beginning of 1988, the first batch of competition-level tennis was produced, and fortunately it became the match ball of the Chinese Tennis League; the birth of Tianlong Tennis opened a new era of Chinese tennis manufacturing. After more than 20 years of development, Tianlong Group Tennis Manufacturing The technology is ahead of the same industry in China, and it has become the flagship unit with the largest scale of sports goods production in China. Tianlong Tennis is a Chinese brand, and it will also be a world brand.

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