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The evolution of tennis clothing

Early women's and men's tennis clothing originated from the costumes of medieval court nobles. Men wear white trousers and long shirts; women wear white long skirts and long-sleeved shirts. Both men and women wear various styles of hats.

In 1919, tennis player Susan Langlen wore a costume with bare legs and arms on the court, which was considered a bold breakthrough.

In 1931, Teddy (English), known as the godfather of tennis fashion, designed short skirts and short-sleeved tennis outfits for female tennis players, which shocked the tennis world.

In 1932, American Bonnie Austin was the first to compete in "five pants" and began to free the man's body from the shackles.

In 1946, Frenchman Petra became the last player to win the Wimbledon championship in trousers.

Since then, both male and female athletes in tennis have competed in short outfits.

Founder of Tennis Fashion: Teddy

From playing tennis in long skirts and trousers to playing tennis in short skirts and shorts, Englishman Teddy brought fashion to the tennis court. He began to design various fashionable tennis outfits for female tennis players in 1931 and quickly became popular. The world is known as the godfather of tennis fashion.

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