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On the second day of work in the new year, the Federation of Trade Unions condolences to Tianlong Tennis

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On the second day of work in the New Year, Xu Qian, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions, led a delegation of condolences to Tianlong Tennis. The company’s deputy general manager Li Guohua (large), and Wang Yuyan, deputy secretary of the party branch and chairman of the labor union, expressed welcome and thanks to the delegation and accompanied them to express their condolences.



In the Tianlong Tennis production workshop, Chairman Xu learned more about the company's production and operation in recent years, and carefully asked about the existing difficulties and problems. Wang Yuyan, chairman of the company's labor union, gave an introduction and answers. Then, the delegation came to the 1500 square meter Tianlong Party and Mass Service Center, visited Tianlong Party Building Studio, Tianlong Staff Bookstore, table tennis and billiard room and other staff activities, and visited the first tennis museum in China-Tianlong Tennis Museum for details. Tianlong Tennis has a history of professional production of tennis for more than 30 years. Chairman Xu affirmed Tianlong's spirit of focusing on tennis and encouraged the company to become bigger and stronger.


Afterwards, a discussion was held in the company's meeting room. Wang Yuyan introduced the basic situation of Tianlong Trade Union. Tianlong Trade Union has always tried every means to solve problems for employees. It has established a support center for employees in need. It provides certain funds and material assistance to needy employees who suffer from major illnesses or whose children have dropped out of school. Employees in difficulty donated donations, participated in various labor competitions such as firefighting training and ball-ball skill competitions, participated in the service activities of "Pioneering Inferior Type V Water Pioneers" for the Five Waters Co-governance, and organized a series of colorful activities such as fun sports games and employee rights protection. Actively condense the wisdom and strength of employees to improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise.


After listening to Wang Yuyan's report on trade union standardization work and seeing that the work was fruitful, Chairman Xu affirmed the work of the company's trade union, and then gave the company a condolence of 30,000 yuan. Chairman Xu emphasized that while the company is developing and growing, it must also benefit its employees. It is necessary to further improve the working environment of front-line employees, continuously improve employee benefits, enhance employees' sense of gain, and enhance their sense of belonging.

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