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Director Zhang Zhihong led the team to visit Tianlong Tennis

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"Tenlong Tennis is the only one in Wenzhou's sports goods manufacturing industry, and it has a pivotal position in the sports industry." Zhang Zhihong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Wenzhou Sports Bureau, said during a survey of Tianlong Tennis in the Spring Festival.


At the beginning of the New Year, February 13 (the ninth day of the first month of the lunar calendar), the third working day after the Spring Festival, Zhang Zhihong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Wenzhou Sports Bureau, led a team to visit Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd. The development of Tianlong Tennis increases confidence and encouragement. Chen Junping, deputy head of Longwan District, and other leaders accompanied the visit and investigation.


During the visit, Director Zhang Zhihong and his entourage focused on visiting the Tianlong Tennis Museum, the first tennis museum in China, and then visited the Tianlong TELOON brand product image exhibition hall and other places. Afterwards, a symposium was held. At the symposium, Director Zhang Zhihong had an in-depth understanding of Tianlong Tennis’s production and operation situation last year, listened to the introduction of Tianlong Tennis Chairman Chen Xu, and actively promoted tennis sports by Tianlong Tennis’s sponsorship of international and domestic tennis events. Fully affirmed and highly appraised.


Director Zhang Zhihong pointed out, "Wenzhou is the country's first social force to run sports. The Wenzhou social force sports industry has formed a certain scale. The TELOON brand resources need to be enlarged. The government can give full play to the advantages of social forces to run sports to support Tianlong Tennis. More tennis tournaments will be held in Wenzhou. It is hoped that international tennis tournaments will be held in Wenzhou to create a branded tennis tournament with Wenzhou characteristics. In the new year, the Wenzhou Sports Bureau will promote the construction of sports facilities and plans to establish multiple parks in the urban area. Tennis courts allow residents to enjoy the health and happiness brought about by tennis sports nearby. The construction of tennis courts in the park also improves the landscape of the park and can enhance the image of the city."

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