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The 7th "Tianlong Cup" China City Women's Tennis Tournament Bloomed Perfectly

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The 7th "Tianlong Cup" China City Women's Tennis Tournament Bloomed Perfectly


On July 7, after two days of fierce competition, the Seventh China City Women's Tennis Team Invitational Tournament 2024 "Tianlong Cup" came to an end at Zadagai Tennis Stadium of Hohhot Sports Center, and the Inner Mongolia Hetao Liquor Team won the championship.

Inner Mongolia Hohhot Hetao Liquor Team won the crown. 


Champion: Inner Mongolia Hohhot Loop Wine Team


Runner-up: Sichuan Fudan University Alumni Club


Third Place: Shanxi Jinhui Women's Tennis Club


 Third Place: Shenzhen Huazhimeng Badiri Women's Tennis Team



This is a tennis tournament and a good time for sisters from all over the country to get together and share the joy of tennis.

24 teams from all over the country, a total of 269 women tennis enthusiasts in two days to meet friends with the ball, gallop on the court, offer a full-blooded tennis event.

They presented a great tennis event.


    The tournament is hosted by Hohhot Sports Bureau, Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd, organized by Hohhot Football and Social Sports Development Center, Hohhot Sports Federation, co-organized by Hohhot Net Seedling Youth Tennis Club, Inner Mongolia Net Seedling Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd, supported by Hohhot Sports Center Zadagai Tennis Hall, sponsored by Inner Mongolia Hetao Wine Group, Inner Mongolia Baishi Gorge Drinking Water Co. Ltd., Inner Mongolia Hetao Liquor Group, Inner Mongolia Baishixia Drinking Water Co. It is regarded as a national "top stream" women's tennis brand tournament in the tennis industry.


   This tournament set up a total of 85 years old women's doubles, 90 years old women's doubles, 95 years old women's doubles, 100 years old women's doubles, 110 years old women's doubles (can't do both) five groups, in two phases, the first phase of the first group using a round-robin system; in the second phase of the second phase of the group to take the top two for the cross-over single-elimination playoffs to determine the 1-8 (5-8 tied). This tournament in Hohhot is destined to be unforgettable! The women's tennis tournament was highly evaluated by everyone.

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