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Where to play during the National Day? Go to Beijing and Tianjin to watch the ball game.
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October 4th -6,

China Tennis Amateur League finals

At the National Tennis Center.

During the national day, you can go to Beijing to watch a top tennis tournament. On October 4th -6, the 2018 China Tennis Amateur League finals ended in the National Tennis Center. After months of travelling, finalists from major cities across the country will gather in Beijing to make a dash for the highest honor of the year in the Finals.

The 2018 China Open Amateur Tournament was held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Northeast China, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Dongguan, Zhanjiang and other cities. Only those who have won the series in each division are eligible to represent their cities to Beijing for the finals of this year's China Open. Tianlong tennis is the designated ball in the Amateur League series of China Open. It has the characteristics of professionalism, high bounce and endurance.

China Open Amateur Tournament is co-sponsored by the China Tennis Association, China Open and China Open Level League Executive Committee. It is the most widely-held tennis grading tournament in China with the largest number of participants. The contest for the crown in 2018 is even more unfolded among the players in the 10 major tournament areas.


In October 5th,

Beijing Tianjin wing group open

Held in Beijing

October 5-6, the 2018 Tianlong Tennis Cup Beijing-Tianjin Wing and Tianyou Tennis (October) Team Open was held in Beijing (National Olympic Sports Center Tennis Hall).

At that time, you can enjoy 32 teams of Class A from the tennis registration club and 32 teams specially invited by the Beijing-Tianjin-Wing and the surrounding five provinces, autonomous regions and organizing committees to make 64 signings in the elimination play-offs. The players compete on the same stage. The event also has a big point of view, is the ultimate winner of the 15,000 yuan Championship prize, so that fans are very much looking forward to. The event was named by Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd., sponsored by Beijing Tennis Sports Association and Guo Olixian (Beijing) Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., and hosted by Tianlong Tennis Club Co., Ltd.


In October 8th,

International events --

2018 Tianjin Tennis Open

After watching the match on the spot in Beijing on October 6, Tianjin can continue to watch an international tennis match the next day. Tianjin is a city with a tennis tradition. On October 8-14, the 2008 Tianjin Tennis Open, an important international event at the end of the WTA season, was held at the Tuanbo International Tennis Center in Tianjin. The world's top tennis stars will gather in Tianjin to compete for a prize of up to 750,000 US dollars. The stars will shine and a wonderful match will be dedicated.

Chen Xu, chairman of Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd., said that Tianlong Tennis is honored to be the official partner of Tianjin Open in 2018. Through the holding of this competition, domestic women have the opportunity to participate in high-level tennis, will enhance the overall level of domestic women's tennis competition, and effectively promote the development of national fitness.

This year's national day, international and domestic events can be seen as exciting and continuous.


Without health,

What about having the world?

Moving for health

If you really don't want to go far to watch a tennis match during the National Day holiday, ask your partner to play a game of tennis to relieve the pressure. Of course, in addition to watching tennis, talking about tennis, playing tennis, there are many other sports are OK, such as running, walking, swimming, playing football, playing ball, climbing the mountain...

Life is in motion. Money is only a guarantee of life; health is the greatest wealth. Without health, how about having the world? Please learn to take care of yourself.  Cold and warm, self aware. Life is not easy to live. Take good care of yourself! For health, this national day is moving!

Tianlong Tennis Special remind you: during the National Day, the weather has begun to cool down, accompanied by articles, you can take a thin sweater or a thick coat. Remember to check the local weather conditions before going out. The most important thing is to pay attention to safety during the national day trip.

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