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TELOON tianlong badmn debuts in Qatar
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Qatar al wakra "" GS youth badminton championships" "will be grandly held at GREEN STADIUM from nov 15 to 17, 2018.

The TELOON tianlong badminton tournament ball has been recognized and trusted by the organizing committee of GS youth badminton tournament. The TELOON tianlong shuttlecock will be played in Qatar as a match ball, in both singles and mixed doubles.

In recent years, TELOON tianlong takes advantage of policies such as "One Belt And One Road" to constantly deepen its overseas market layout and accelerate its entry into the global perspective. At present, the TELOON tianlong brand has entered many countries, such as the United States, Singapore, Australia, India, Canada and Russia, and formed a strategic deployment of foreign trade that focuses on European and American countries and radiates to the world. In the future, the TELOON tianlong brand will continue its global in-depth layout and strength, highlighting the influence of national brands in the world market.

Do you know Qatar?

Most Chinese are strangers to Qatar. But when it comes to the "doha round of trade talks" of China's entry into the world trade organization, Qatar's al jazeera television, which gained fame after the September 11 attacks, the olympic-worthy doha Asian games and the $1 trillion cost of hosting the 2022 World Cup, everyone is familiar. That's what many people remember about this oil-rich country.

With its natural advantage in oil and gas, this small country on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula, which borders the united Arab emirates and Saudi Arabia, has been weathered and battle-scarred since ancient times. < span style = "color: # E53333;" > lets take a look at the beautiful scenery and cuisine of al wakra city in Qatar

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Zhejiang tianlong tennis co., LTD., a core subsidiary of tianlong group, was established in 1987 and has been specialized in the production of tennis for over 30 years. The company is the national tennis industry standard drafting unit, tianlong trademark has been appraised famous trademark, zhejiang province famous trademark, zhejiang famous brand product, zhejiang export famous brand. Has the domestic leading tennis production, testing equipment and advanced production technology. The products are mainly exported to European and American markets. At present, tianlong has entered the United States, Australia, Singapore, Russia and other international markets. Tianlong's brand in tennis enthusiasts' minds is already firmly entrenched. The company takes the establishment of "national, world" tianlong sports brand as the goal, builds the international famous tennis brand, goes to the world.

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