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Goodbye, 2018!
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With the arrival of the New Year in 2019, Chen Xu, chairman of Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd., along with all the staff members, would like to express our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the leaders, colleagues and friends of all walks of life who have always cared about and supported the development of Teloon Tennis.

Happy New Year!

Good health!

Everything goes well!

In the year of 2018, Teloon Tennis sponsored important international competitions.

WTA 2018 Teloon Open

Official Partners and Official Designated Photographs

ITF Pro Circuit 2018 International Tennis

Federation Tour Singapore Station

Qatar al wakra "GS Junior Badminton Championship" designated match ball

The Ball Used in the Designated Competition of the 2018 China Tennis Grand Prix

2018 Tianlong Tennis Cup Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Tianjin Tennis Group Open (October)

2018 Fourth Tianlong Tennis Cup China (Wuhan) City Tennis Team Competition

Friends of Tsinghua Tennis League, Silicon Valley, USA

2018 2nd Tianlong Tennis Cup China (Wuhan) Women's Tennis Team Invitational Tournament

Tianlong Tennis Cup 2018 National Amateur Tennis Elite Exchange Competition

Official Partner of Jiangxi Tennis Open 2018

The Ball Used in the Designated Competition of the 20th Amateur Tennis Team Competition in Shenzhen

The First Dongguan City Citizen's Games The Balls Used in the Finals of the 2018 Dongguan Amateur Tennis Team League

Designated Ball for Changzhi Tennis Team (Grade) Tournament 2018 in Shanxi Province

Designated Balls for Tennis Competition of the Second National Games in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Designated Balls for the Seventh Sichuan Entrepreneur Tennis Elite Invitation Tournament

Tianlong Tennis Club team went to Fuzhou to participate in the 2018 Banyan Net Xintong Cup Amateur Tennis Mixed Team Competition

In November 2018, Teloon Puond Professional Competition accompanied the competitors through 28 cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Chengdu, Nanchang, Hubei, Zhejiang, Ningbo, 147 stops and 1118 matches in just one month.

We've been there all along.

To promote the development and popularization of tennis,

Promoting the development of national fitness campaign.

This is the way forward.

This year

Teloon tennis

Active support

Development of Campus Tennis in China

CUATA OPEN China University Alumni Tennis Open 2018 Final

The Fifth Guangdong Alumni Tennis League of Chinese Universities

Guangdong Youth Tennis Ranking Competition Final

The 23rd National College Tennis Championship and the 18th National College President Cup Tennis Competition

The Only Specified Ball in the Sixth China Middle School Tennis Championship

Was awarded by the Sports Association of Chinese University and Middle School Students

Excellent Sponsors in 2018


This year,

We are shining on the field.

Expanding brand influence,

Promote the development of TELOON brand.

Children's tennis rackets, portable tennis nets and tennis balls were donated to Leilan Village Primary School of Gexi Town, Yiyang County, Jiangxi Province.

Let children also participate in tennis in the future, planting seeds of tennis in their hearts.

A company science and Technology Association has been established.

Adhere to "quality first" and pay close attention to product quality.

Promote the level of product research and development and create brand benefits.

"Self-declaration Enterprise of Character Mark" authorized by Zhejiang Brand Construction Federation.

We will take this gold business card made in Zhejiang Province with the "Pingzibiao" to the world.

At the 124th Canton Fair, it was shown to the world businessmen.

National and world TELOON brand.

Adhere to professional products, and constantly make innovations and upgrades.

Let the product get greater performance, dedicated to the cause of tennis.

Tennis Competition of the 16th Zhejiang Games

Tennis Team Competition of the 24th Shandong Games

Tennis Competition of Youth Group in the 16th Shanghai Games

Helping Jiangsu, Anhui and Sichuan Provincial Games Tennis Matches

This year

Teloon tennis

Thank you

Along the way, trust and support!

With you, Teloon will be better tomorrow!

With you, Teloon will be more wonderful tomorrow!

Goodbye, 2018!

In 2019, Teloon Tennis will continue to move forward hand in hand with you!


Where there are Dragon
there are sports, health and happiness.
To creat a national wolrd of Teloon Sports