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Heavy honor! Teloon Group won the title of
Article Source:     release time:2019-02-18     Views:771

Recently, Zhejiang Commerce Department published the list of the results of the recognition of "Zhejiang Export Famous Brand" in 2018. Among 292 enterprises selected in the province (including 25 in Wenzhou), Zhejiang Tianlong Group Co., Ltd. ranked 122.

     This successful review, once again won the "Zhejiang Export Famous Brand" title, Tianlong Group in the new year of 2019 won the first heavyweight honor, will enhance the international competitiveness of the company's product exports, but also transmit the high quality, high quality, high technology, high value-added information of Tianlong brand, as well as the consequent brand premium, to the company's intangible assets upgrade.

    Over the past 30 years, Tianlong Group has vigorously implemented its brand strategy, registered the "Tianlong" trademark at home and abroad, introduced advanced international production equipment and technology, paid attention to product research and development, strived to improve the quality and grade of export products, and built an internationally influential Tianlong TELOON brand, so as to maintain a steady development of export business, mainly in the European and American markets, with far-reaching products. More than 60 countries and regions, such as Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Russia, have exported the same kind of products at the leading level in China.

In recent years, Tianlong has actively opened up overseas markets. With the help of the national "one belt and one way" strategy, e-commerce platform, Canton Fair, international exhibition and other platforms, Tianlong brand has expanded its territory in the overseas market. Besides its hot selling in the international market, TELOON brand value and international popularity are also rising. To win the title of "Zhejiang Export Famous Brand" again is not only the affirmation of Tianlong's export quality, but also the incentive for Tianlong's brand to accelerate its global strategic layout and actively promote its export development strategy.


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