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Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed between Tianlong Tennis and Singapore Tennis Association
Article Source:     release time:2019-08-19     Views:899

   On August 16, Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd. welcomed a group of guests from Singapore. They are leaders of the Singapore Tennis Association and representatives of entrepreneurs. The purpose of their trip is to establish strategic cooperation with Tianlong Tennis.

     At 4 p.m. that day, warm applause rang from the conference room on the second floor of Wenzhou Headquarters Office Building of Tianlong Group. In Wenzhou Longwan District Sports Bureau, Wenzhou Networks Association, Wenzhou Tennis Institute and other relevant leaders and guests witnessed, Tianlong Tennis Association and Singapore Tennis Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement here. The two sides decided to further deepen cooperation and jointly promote the development of TELOON brand in Singapore market on the basis of successful cooperation over the past years.

    Before the signing ceremony, the two sides held brief talks, introducing the local sports, tennis and other aspects, discussing the promotion of exchanges and cooperation between Singapore and Wenzhou tennis, as well as the progress of cooperation between the two sides. The signing of the contract marked the establishment of a solid strategic partnership between the two sides and laid the foundation for the TELOON brand to take off in the Singapore tennis market.

    Tianlong Tennis has sponsored the National Tennis Series A titled "Tianlong Cup" since 1988. In recent years, Tianlong Tennis Cup has been held in different cities every year. On March 23 this year, the 5th Tianlong Tennis Cup City Tennis Team Competition was successfully held in Fujian Province. In addition, Tianlong Tennis has been continuously concerned about supporting the development of youth tennis. On July 7, this year, the first leg of the National Youth Tennis Weekend Tour of the Tianlong Tennis Cup 2019 was held in Huzhou. The second leg of the Youth Tour will be opened in Tumen City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, on August 23, in order to promote young people. Tennis played a part in the development of tennis in 2000.

    At the signing ceremony, Chen Xu, chairman of Tianlong Tennis, welcomed and thanked the leaders of the Singapore Tennis Association for their visit, and briefly introduced the basic situation of enterprise development. Tianlong Tennis has 32 years of tennis production history since its establishment in 1987. TELOON Tianlong Trademark was rated as well-known trademark, Zhejiang famous trademark, Zhejiang famous brand products and Zhejiang export famous brand.

      Tianlong products have passed the ITF certification of the International Tennis Federation and the certification of the Australian Tennis Association. Since 2017, Tianlong Tennis has cooperated with the Singapore Networks Association. With the strong support of the Singapore Networks Association, it has promoted the steady development of TELOON brand in the Singapore market, and achieved great success in the Singapore market. It was selected as the official match ball for the Davis Cup in 2019. Therefore, we attach great importance to and cherish the cooperative relationship established with Singapore Networks Association. We believe that through closer cooperation, Tianlong TELOON brand will achieve better results in Singapore.


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