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The 126th autumn Canton Fair
Article Source:     release time:2019-11-04     Views:964

  Known as "China's first exhibition", Guangzhou Fair is a barometer and vane of China's foreign trade. On October 31, 2019, Wang Zhongqi, chairman of China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of light industry and crafts and other leaders visited the booth of Zhejiang Tianlong Group Co., Ltd. (Tianlong tennis) in the third phase of the 126th autumn Canton Fair.

    Li Guohua, deputy general manager of Tianlong tennis, and the head of foreign trade department received Wang Zhongqi and his delegation. Li Guohua introduced that Tianlong tennis attaches great importance to and cherishes the "external window" of the Canton Fair. Since Tianlong was founded in 1988, it has participated in the fair for more than 30 consecutive years. The main products of this exhibition are tennis, tennis rackets and other sports products. Tianlong products have passed the "ITF certification" of the International Tennis Federation and the certification of the Australian Tennis Association. They have been tested by the ITF as international professional game balls. In 2019, they won A large number of foreign businessmen have been attracted by the advantages of choosing the ball for the official competition of Davis Cup. Foreign businessmen have been constantly stopping to negotiate and inquire about the product performance and specific price. At the same time, with the help of Canton Fair, it will further promote the internationalization strategy of Tianlong teloon brand.


  In the overseas market, Tianlong brand products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as the United States, Singapore, Australia, India, Canada, Russia, etc. With the continuous introduction of new technologies and products, as well as the hosting and sponsorship of various tennis events, the brand influence of Tianlong has reached a new height. And Tianlong will continue to implement the internationalization strategy with the help of the "Dongfeng" along the way, and actively explore overseas markets.

   During the investigation, President Wang Zhongqi was very interested in the brand products of Tianlong, inquired about the export situation, materials and technology of tennis products, and highly affirmed that Tianlong tennis vigorously promoted the development of China's tennis industry by sponsoring various professional, amateur, college, youth and other tennis events at home and abroad, and encouraged Tianlong tennis to accelerate the development of international market We will continue to improve our market share.


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