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    2019 China Tennis Grand Prix was held in Shenzhen Longgang International Tennis Center from November 19 to 24. As the official sponsor of the event, Tianlong tennis (teloon brand) provided high-quality professional match balls for the event, guaranteed the successful holding of the event, helped the popularization and development of China's youth tennis, and trained Chinese tennis Aftermatch talents.

   It is understood that the 2019 China Tennis Grand Prix is the highest level competition in the domestic tennis circle, and it is also the annual closing battle in the Chinese tennis circle, representing the highest level top tennis competition in the domestic tennis circle. Up to now, the competition has been successfully held for 13 times. The event is hosted by the tennis management center of the General Administration of sports of the people's Republic of China, China Tennis Association, Shenzhen culture, radio, television, tourism and Sports Bureau, Shenzhen Longgang District People's government, organized by the culture, radio, television, tourism and Sports Bureau of Shenzhen Longgang District, and operated exclusively by jiazhaoye sports group, with strong support from the Management Office of Shenzhen Longgang District Sports Center.

    The competition consists of four events, namely men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles and women's doubles, with a total bonus of 2.2 million yuan. In addition, the future star Grand Prix of Chinese tennis will be awarded 500000 yuan, including 32 signings in the singles challenge and 16 signings in the singles championship. The event attracted top Chinese players, including Zhang Shuai, 46 in WTA's world ranking, Zhu Lin, 106, and Li Zhe and Bai Yan, top Chinese men's players.

    From November 19 to 24, many famous tennis players in China competed in Shenzhen Longgang International Tennis Center, believing that the intensity of the competition will exceed your imagination.


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