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The 127th online Canton Fair, live broadcast of Tianlong online!
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  Affected by the global novel coronavirus pneumonia, the 127th Canton Fair was first transformed from a physical exhibition hall to an online live exhibition, which is also a pioneering work in the history of Canton Fair. As a professional tennis producer for more than 30 years, Zhejiang Tianlong Group Co., Ltd. also actively participated in the live webcast.

↓↓Tianlong live studio↓↓

1、 Live broadcast entrance of Canton Fair: our live studio has started broadcasting and copying Website, enter the official website of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), you can enter our live room, we will wait for you in the live room.

2、 You can also find us in the following three ways: 1) select exhibitors in the search bar: input Zhejiang Tianlong Group Co., Ltd. 2) select exhibits in the search bar: tennis racket 3) select booths in the search bar: input 5.2d34, 5.2d35, 5.2d36

Tianlong has formed a core product of tennis, driving tennis rackets, sportswear and other sports products. Since its establishment in 1988, Tianlong has participated in the Canton Fair for more than 30 years in a row, which has attracted extensive attention from international purchasers and peers.

This year, we will meet you at the cloud based Canton Fair. We will show Tianlong's products in an all-round way in the form of "graphic + Video + live broadcast". At the same time, you can have face-to-face communication with our foreign trade staff in the live broadcast room.

We will broadcast live online 24 hours a day, and the international sales staff of Tianlong foreign trade department will interact with you online to explain the products of Tianlong in detail. Tianlong sincerely invites you to attend the 127th Canton Fair and talk with you in the cloud. You can leave a message online and we will communicate with you in real time.

Exhibition date: June 15-24, 2020     Tianlong booth: 5.2d34, 5.2d35, 5.2d36


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