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Olympic champion Sun Tiantian s up to support the online training of the Henan Student Sports Federation Tennis Association
Article Source:     release time:2020-09-15     Views:2206

Olympic champion Sun Tiantian shows up to support the online training of the Henan Student Sports Federation Tennis Association

     On Friday morning (September 11) , it was hosted by the Department of Education of Henan Province and hosted by the Tennis Association of Henan Student Sports Federation, zhengzhou Institute of Engineering and Technology co-organized the 2020 Henan Student Sports Federation Tennis Association Phase II online training activities smoothly. Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co. , Ltd. (TELOON brand) fully supported the training activities.

  Olympic champion Sun Tiantian Gao Xiang, a researcher at the sports and Health Department of the Henan Provincial Education Department, former National Olympic champion coach, national level coach, General Coach of Henan Tennis Team, Zhang Qi; general secretary of Henan Student Sports Association, Li Ching; physical fitness coach of Henan Tennis Team, Cheng Dan; and dean of Sports College of Zhengzhou University of Engineering and technology, Feng Mingxin, attended the second training session.

As a tennis player, Sun Tiantian said in his speech that he was pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of school tennis in Henan Province, is a very rare learning opportunity, will bring you a new experience and experience, but also wish the training activities a complete success.

   Then, the head coach of the Henan Tennis Team, Zhang Qi, the physical fitness coach of the Henan Tennis Team, Cheng Dan, and the female players of the Henan tennis team, Li Denglin and Zhao Xichen, appeared on the court and gave a series of scientific and rigorous explanations on the current most advanced physical fitness exercises, one by one for the show, after a morning of tension, training finally completed successfully in warm applause.


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