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Tianlong's second batch of staff traveled to Fuzhou Pingtan

release time:2024-06-17  Reading number: 1366


In order to enhance the happiness and sense of belonging of the staff and improve the cohesion of the team, from June 14th to 16th, Tianlong Tennis organized the second batch of staff to travel to Fuzhou and Pingtan Island for three days.


Early in the morning of the 14th, the traveling staff gathered in the company, and every traveling staff's face was full of bright smiles. The tour bus departed at 7:45 a.m. On the way, everyone was laughing and looking forward to the romantic trip to the seaside.


Wow, the sea water here is crystal clear and the beach is fine and soft. When you visit here, you can not only taste the rich seafood cuisine, but also see the sea.


The blue sea, the beach, roaming Pingtan's wonderful, everyone enjoys the unprecedented scenery. Surfing on the sea, galloping the sea, the waves beat the whole body, really cool ...... that stimulation, really high ...... everyone in the seaside play is not happy.


During the three-day tour, we visited Pingtan Island Mountain and Sea Wonders, Haidan Ancient City, Tannan Bay, Monkey Rock Island, Three Square and Seven Alleys in Fuzhou, Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, Shangshang Hanging, Yantai Mountain Park and other attractions. Although we traveled in a hurry, we were able to enjoy the sightseeing on the way, which was a surprise and a good thing everywhere.




   The three-day trip not only let the staff relax physically and mentally, but also enhanced their friendship and team cohesion. During the trip, we supported each other and shared together, leaving many precious moments and beautiful memories.

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