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The 7th Tianlong Cup China City Women's Tennis Team Invitational Tournament will be held in Hohhot.

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The 7th Tianlong Cup China City Women's Tennis Team Invitational Tournament will be held in Hohhot.



Under the common concern and support of tennis associations and friends from all walks of life across the country, "Tianlong Tennis Cup" China City Women's Tennis Team Invitational Tournament has been successfully held for six consecutive years since the first tournament was held in 2017, and it has become an annual brand tournament of women's tennis in China. This tournament is organized to actively implement the call of the national strategy of national fitness, and to create a tailor-made platform for city women's tennis enthusiasts to "meet friends with ball, enhance friendship" and provide learning exchanges, and cut the skills of the tournament.



The tournament is organized by Hohhot Sports Bureau, Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd, Hohhot Football and Social Sports Development Center, Hohhot Sports Federation, Hohhot Tennis Seedling Youth Tennis Club, Inner Mongolia Tennis Seedling Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd, sponsored by Inner Mongolia Baishi Gorge Drinking Spring Water Limited Liability Company, Inner Mongolia Hetao Wine Group.


   As one of the few team events for female tennis enthusiasts in China, this tournament is unprecedented in scale, inviting 24 teams from Beijing, Yunnan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hubei, Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Xi'an and other parts of the country, with a total of more than 260 female tennis enthusiasts competing on the same stage.


   According to the introduction of the organizer, the guests attending the opening ceremony are: Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia Tennis Association Lu Zhonghua, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Inner Mongolia Tennis Association Zhou Yanxun, Secretary of the Party Group of Hohhot Municipal Sports Bureau and Director of Cai Tielei, President of Hohhot Tennis Association Xia Jingchun, Executive President of Baotou Tennis Association Li Xueguang, Executive Secretary General of Baotou Tennis Association Zhu Liping, Chairman of Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co. Chen Xu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Xiao Weidong, Director of "Tianlong Tennis Cup" City Women's Tennis Tournament.


    This tournament aims to enhance the attention of women's tennis, and at the same time provide a high-level competitive platform for female athletes, as well as a stage for female tennis players to express themselves and create self-worth, this tournament aims to encourage more women to participate in sports. At the same time, it promotes tennis and stimulates the general public's interest and love for tennis.


    The organizing committee of the tournament said, "We are very proud to host such a high-level tournament. This is not only a show of support for women's tennis, but also a comprehensive demonstration of our city's sports facilities and service capabilities. We are looking forward to the great performances of all the players and presenting an unforgettable sports feast to the audience."


   By organizing this tennis invitational tournament, the unique cultural elements of Inner Mongolia can be displayed to the whole country, especially the display of the culture of the river-loop wine industry can help to enhance the popularity and attractiveness of Inner Mongolia culture, strengthen the cultural self-confidence, and improve the cultural visibility.

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